Lesson Planning for Language Teachers E-book (PDF)

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Lesson Planning for Language Teachers: Evidence-Based Techniques for Busy Teachers

Do you want to plan faster and more effectively?

Most of the time, planning sucks. It takes ages, and your next lesson is in 20 minutes.

So you pick up the coursebook, grimace, and walk into class, promising to be more organized next time...

★ There is a Better Way ★

You CAN finish your planning faster, with awesome lesson activities, and still have time to chat in the staffroom.

Written by an experienced teacher trainer, manager and education blogger, ‘Lesson Planning for Language Teachers’ will show you:

  • A four-step planning process that works for every lesson
  • How to write laser-targeted aims in 30 seconds
  • How to set a context that motivates your students
  • How to know which lesson structure to use for each class type
  • How to never, ever run out of engaging activities
  • The best way to design tasks that hook your students' attention
  • What to do when you absolutely have to use your coursebook
  • How to help students that have wildly different levels and abilities
  • How to check that your students are actually learning!
  • How to keep it simple, clear and stress-free with a lesson planning checklist

Packed full of practical wisdom, you too can become a lesson planning 'guru'.

♥ Buy this book now and save yourself time, effort and worry! ♥

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The key to planning faster, better and stress free.

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Lesson Planning for Language Teachers E-book (PDF)

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